Unit 3 - Task

In this unit task, we invite you to engage with the content covered so far in the context of teaching secondary students or for a professional learning session if you are a professional outside of the classroom.

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Task Brief

We have a short activity to allow a moment for you to reflect on the past content and to generate some discussion and collective ideas in our community related to cyber security and awareness. 

You may choose one of the following:
  1. We have shared a few examples of how information can be extracted from data (such as in your images). What are other ways humans can leave traces of information with the use of technologies?
  2. What other interesting examples of codes from history or the modern-day (digital or non-digital) can you find to inspire or support a lesson about encoding and decoding messages?
  3. Find and share a resource to support teaching students in secondary years about security in apps (e.g. whatsapp security). Include a brief description.
In your post, we encourage you to include an image or any links to a video or URL if it is useful.

Instructions for sharing

To share your activity, please go to our CSER Community You will find instructions for sharing here.

Select to post in the Community Category - "Unit 3". Select an image to go along with your post - one that you feel best represents the content! Finally, include the tag #Secondary so we know you are from the secondary course.

Most Importantly! Please remember to enter the URL for what you have shared below so that we can record your progress through the course. To do this, open up your post in the community. Copy the URL in the web browser, and paste this in the textbox below.