Welcome to our course! In this video we introduce the motivation behind developing a course on teaching Artificial Intelligence in the classroom and who we are. 

Thank you to our sponsor Google Australia & New Zealand for making this course possible and freely accessible to teachers! 

About the course

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, is driving the next wave of technological innovation and is changing almost every industry around us. With the expansion and ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence being a motivating factor in the need for all children to develop their understanding of Computer Science, it is logical that children also must need to develop their understanding of Artificial Intelligence itself.

Discussions around the use of Artificial Intelligence will be critical in helping our next generation understand the limitations, challenges, opportunities, ethics and risks of using technology. At the same time, being able to create technological solutions that use elements of Artificial Intelligence opens up doors to new innovations and motivations for our students to engage with Computer Science and technology. 

In order to guide these discussions and the design and implementation of learning activities, teachers also need an understanding of Artificial Intelligence - both the foundational knowledge and key ideas as well as practical classroom activities that teach AI. 

In the first half of this course, we provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and cover the following content:
  • An overview of AI, core concepts, AI techniques and everyday examples of AI-driven technology 
  • The History and evolution of AI 
  • The benefits and risks of AI
  • Ethical considerations for AI 
In the second half we introduce classroom AI activities, including:
  • Unplugged and plugged worked examples and case studies exploring activity design and implementation
  • Practical classroom advice, student-friendly language and resources
  • Assessment support and advice

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • articulate the definition of AI and provide examples of AI being used in technological solutions.
  • know the evolution of AI and key historical events/people.
  • describe the fundamentals of an AI system, key AI themes and techniques and summarise how these work with examples in practice.
  • list risks and benefits of AI and consider ethical implications.
  • have confidence in implementing AI learning activities in the secondary classroom.
  • have confidence in designing learning activities for the classroom.

Requirement for Completion

To complete this AI MOOC, we invite you to complete Tasks. You have a small task at the end of this unit which involves introducing yourself to our community, and another at the end of lesson 1.4. At the end of Unit 1, you will be asked to share an introductory lesson for introducing AI to students. At the end of Unit 2, we will ask you to share two lesson plans about teaching AI concepts. You might like to look at these in advance and keep them in the back of your mind as you move through the content. 

Learning Environment

CSER MOOC Homepage

The course homepage is the "hub" of the course. This is where you registered to participate. 

The course consists of two units. Each unit consists of a number of lessons and a task to complete that allows you to apply your new knowledge and develop a resource for teaching AI in the classroom (or for professional development). We want you to be able to walk away with something that you can use and share!  

CSER MOOC Community

Our Community is an important part of the course, as here we will be asking you to post and share your MOOC unit tasks. You will be joining the "Teaching AI" MOOC Community, which means you have access to some fantastic resources but also have a chance to network with other like-minded teachers and contribute your own ideas through this MOOC! 

Go to our CSER MOOCs Community site and join the community. To join, you will just need to sign up for a free WordPress Account. For instructions on how to create a WordPress Account and how to join a Community, please find the instructions here. We explain the process of contributing to the CSER Community as you reach the first task for this unit. 

In our AI Community we have set-up "categories" for your task submissions. We also have a "Discussion" tab if you would like to share or discuss anything else. We have also included an "AI Questions" category for you to post any burning AI questions as they arise during the course!

Course Progress Page

You are able to view your progress in the course on the Course Progress page, which shows your progress in each of the units, which tasks you have completed and submitted. Once you have completed the required tasks for this course, you will be able to view and print your Certificate of Completion.

Connect with us!

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We hope you are feeling familiar with our course environment and the motivation behind our course. We have your first MOOC activity to complete below. 

Once you have completed your first community activity, please proceed to the next lesson in which we will unpack AI and key concepts. 

1 point

Task Brief

Please introduce yourself (who you are, your professional role and where you are from) and let us know why you're interested in learning about AI or what you hope to gain or learn from participating in this course. With your post, include an image you feel represents Artificial Intelligence!

For your post please include the tag #SecondaryAI to let us know you're from the SecondaryYears AI MOOC. We look forward to meeting you in the community!

One final thing: At the end of each lesson we have a rating bar at the very bottom of the page. As you move through the course we ask you to reflect on your professional learning in the particular lesson and how the content has or has not helped you in your professional growth. For example, if you don't understand something about the content or felt that something was really helpful, please let us know! This information helps us to update and improve the course. Thank you! 

Instructions for sharing

To share your activity, please go to our CSER Community (and if you haven't done so, join the MOOC community for this course). You will find instructions for sharing in Lesson 1.

Select to post in the aligned Category for this week - "Introducing Yourself". Select an image to go along with your post - one that you feel best represents the content! Finally, include the tag #SecondaryAI so we know you are from the secondary years course!

Most Importantly! Please remember to enter the URL for what you have shared below so that we can record your progress through the course. To do this, open up your post in the community. Copy the URL in the web browser, and paste this in the textbox below.