Task: Teaching AI

In this unit, we have introduced you to some AI tools and environments that are suitable for this particular age group and have modelled how they can be used to teach AI concepts. In this task, we would like you to think about what and how you would like to teach AI in the classroom. By completing this task, in addition to the introducing AI task, we hope you walk away with practical resources that support you in teaching AI in the classroom! Once you have completed the final task below, you can print your Certificate of Completion from the "Progress" Tab above. It's been wonderful working with you and we look forward to seeing the lesson ideas you share with us in the community! 
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Task Brief 

For this activity, we would like you to share 2 related or unrelated lesson plans (one being “plugged”) that are about teaching AI concepts in the classroom. You may choose to cover one of the topics we have demonstrated in the course or a completely different AI topic. This could be a lesson that you have taught before, an adaptation based on something that you have seen in the course or something completely new! If you are not teaching in the classroom, you can create something for a mock class or as something you would model to teachers in a professional development session. Remember that you are welcome to go back to Unit 1 and use those materials to support the development of your lesson. Please complete the lesson plan template. To use it, open it and download it to edit or save it to your own Google drive. You may follow a similar model to our lesson plan example from the course.

Instructions for sharing

To share your activity, please go to our CSER Community. You will find instructions for sharing in Lesson 1. Select to post in the aligned Category for this week - "Teaching AI". Select an image to go along with your post - one that you feel best represents the content! Finally, include the tag #SecondaryAI so we know you are from the secondary years course! Most Importantly! Please remember to enter the URL for what you have shared below so that we can record your progress through the course. To do this, open up your post in the community. Copy the URL in the web browser, and paste this in the textbox below.