Task: Introducing AI

In this unit, we have introduced core concepts, examples and areas of AI as well as considerations for AI use and development (such as risks, benefits and ethics). In this unit activity, we invite you to engage with the content covered so far in the context of teaching secondary students. 

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Task Brief

We would like you to think about how you would introduce AI to your students. We invite you to present an introductory lesson that includes an introduction to AI (i.e. a definition or explanation) along with a learning activity covering one or more of the following topics:

Option 1: Unpacking a key AI concept or concepts

Option 2: The history and evolution of AI

Option 3: Risks and benefits of AI technologies

Option 4: Ethical considerations for AI technologies

With your lesson please include an example (or examples) of AI technology that would be of interest to your students or that is relevant to a classroom topic. You can draw on examples from our course or something you have discovered.

If you are not teaching in the classroom, you can create something for a mock class or as something you would model to teach in a professional development session.

You can choose how to present this activity. For example, it could be as a lesson plan, a blog post or as a presentation (e.g. a video or slide deck). With your post, please select an image that best represents your activity.

Instructions for sharing

To share your activity, please go to our CSER Community. You will find instructions for sharing in Lesson 1. Select to post in the aligned Category for this week - "Introducing AI". Select an image to go along with your post - one that you feel best represents the content! Finally, include the tag #SecondaryAI so we know you are from the secondary years course! Most Importantly! Please remember to enter the URL for what you have shared below so that we can record your progress through the course. To do this, open up your post in the community. Copy the URL in the web browser, and paste this in the textbox below.